Hi!  My name is Kate.  Thanks for visiting my website.  Please stay awhile and enjoy.


I'm a lover of coffee, stories and good people.

I believe that everyone needs human contact each and everyday.

Photography was not my first career.  In fact, it wasn't even on my radar when the time came to choose a career.

Let me backup a bit.  

I grew up in Wahoo, Nebraska many memories include me entertaining in some way.  In grade school I was in a special choir called "The Westward Warblers" and I still have the cassette tapes to prove it! :)  During my junior year of high school, I wrote a play for an english class because I didn't want to read the book, Huck Finn.  Yup, you read that right.  I decided to write a play instead of reading a book.  The play was entered in a contest that was hosted by the Lincoln Community Playhouse in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I won the contest and at that moment decided my career path.  Attending Doane College (now University) in Crete, Nebraska, I continued that path by majoring in theatre and minoring in music.  


After college I pursued the path that felt most comfortable which was stage management. I stage managed my first production my sophomore year of college and that was it for me. I knew I could do this job and I could do it well.


This confidence took me to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for four years and then to the mother of all theatre cities; New York, New York. After I made it through the first year in NYC, I never thought I would live anywhere else or do anything else. Three years later, I would prove myself wrong.


In the spring of 2008, while sitting on the subway, a woman leaned over to me and said "Whatever it is, it will be ok." Without realizing it, I was crying. Now, it wasn't the ugly cry or anything, but tears were streaming down my face. I had been sitting there thinking, "Is this what I want? Maybe I need a break?" Two month later, I was back in Nebraska. Now, did I think I was going to stay here? Nope. Neither did my friends and family.


In between taking photography classes (because I just wanted to try something new) I would head to another state for a few months to stage manage a production. The last major production I stage managed was in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. During that summer, I realized that I was ready to start my own photography business. I wasn't sure where it was going to lead and if I would stay in Nebraska, but I knew it was time.


Fast forward to today. Right now. As you sip your coffee and scroll through my website, I am most likely editing a session, talking on the phone with a client, brainstorming a marketing idea, working on taxes or photographing a high school senior. This is where I am suppose to be. Right now, this is my life moment. It may not have been the location or the career path I thought I was going to lead, but it is mine. And I embrace it everyday. I work hard everyday. I am passionate about life and the moments we create. I hope you are living in the moment and taking it all in. Life isn't yesterday or tomorrow, it is right now.

I hope I get to capture your moments very soon.





In the winter of 2011, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Growing up, we took a handful of professional family photos.  Though this one isn't a "traditional" family portrait, it is one of my favorites.  My mom was absolutely overjoyed to be swimming with dolphins.  Something she had always wanted to do and for those few hours, we smiled the entire time, even if we swallowed salt water because we were living our moment. I am so happy we purchased this print because every time I look at it, I am instantly back in Mexico and smiling with my mom. 

Below you will find "pics" of me with family and friends from many moons ago and some from just days ago.  I am asked almost everyday and the answer is, "nope, I am not married and I do not have any children of my own."  I cherish the relationships that I have with my friends, my family and my clients who usually end up becoming a friend and one of "my kids". 

Small town City girl