How do I book a shoot?

All of the information regarding details of each session can be found on this site, if you have any questions before booking, email me or call 402.443.6529. Once you decide, I’ll set up your session and consultation date. Deposit is due at time of booking.


What happens if it rains?

In Nebraska, we have some crazy weather. When this happens, we will re-schedule your session for another day/time.


Where will we shoot?

That depends on the type of session you book, as well as what you are looking for as a background to your portraits. We can shoot just about anywhere.


What should I bring?

Wherever we are you’re going to need water and a couple of snacks. Plan on packing a bag or laundry basket for your wardrobe changes and shoes, as well as smaller bags for jewelry.


Who else can come?

I encourage a parent to attend senior sessions. I ask that friends not attend the session – if your session includes a friend session, they will attend just that part of the session.


Can someone else take pictures of me at the same time?

No, additional cameras (other than mobile devices) are prohibited on shoots due to copyrights. Poses and shots that are used for copyrighted images may not be photographed. Selfie's are welcome!




What type of payment do you accept?

credit cards




How much is a deposit to reserve an appointment? and when is final payment due?

Deposits vary on the session that you choose. For seniors, the session fee and half of the minimum order is due at time of booking to save your session date. Families, children & headshots, the session fee is due at time of booking. Final payment is due at your ordering session.


* DEPOSITS AND ALL FEES PAID UP FRONT ARE NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE TO ANYONE ELSE | Should you need to reschedule your reservation date, the deposit is held and re-applied to that date. You may not “transfer” your deposit to a different client / person.



Do you accept payment plans?

Yes. Please talk to Kate about this when you book.




WHY? Professional Makep Artists know how to apply makeup, taking advantage of technical / natural lighting so that skin looks flawless.  Many times a subtle change of eye, lip or cheek color (to compliment wardrobe change) makes the difference between a “good” and “great!” photograph.



Your hair should reflect you, and your own style. Portraits are not a time to try new ‘looks’ for your hair that you do not normally do. Any cuts or color should be done at least a week prior to your session.



They show! Please make sure that you do not have chipped nail polish and they are looking exactly how you want them in your portraits.



Solid colored clothing

Choose subdued color that allows you to SHINE

Similar tones for top & bottom make you look taller

ARMS – look the best with sleeves to the elbow

LEGS – cover them to the knee with pants or a skirt - short shorts are very hard to pose in

BODY – choose fitted clothing

FEET – blend your socks and shoes to blend with your legs

JEWELRY – simple

IMPORTANT: Ladies!!! include a pair of “walking around” shoes. You will thank me. :)


Check out my Pinterest Page for more inspiration!




What is a minimum print order?

The minimum print order helps you determine your photography budget.


How soon will I get my order?

Your order will be ready within 3-4 weeks.


When will I see my photos & order?

Once we shoot, your photos will be ready to view within 1-2 weeks.

PROOFING & ORDERING is done in person only. All ordering is done at this time. As a courtesy, I release an online gallery for you to share with out of town family – once your order is placed. Anyone can then order from this gallery, which is online for 2 weeks only.

For out of town clients, your images will be placed online for 2 weeks and we will then place your order via phone or skype.

SOCIAL MEDIA (phone app) IMAGES & BONUS items will be delivered after the order is paid in full.


 How long do you keep the images?

Images that are purchased at the time of our ordering session are the ONLY images that are archived (for one year). Images that are not purchased do not get archived.


Can I place my minimum order & buy more next year?

I require that all ordering be done at your in person viewing session. Only images that are purchased are archived for one year.